Selected Speaking/Teaching Engagements from 2015

Gen Re Advisory Council: Delivered a presentation on behavioral economics in insurance industry to ~60 senior executives from 20+ insurance companies. Received the rating of 4.6 (4 = Very good and 5 = Excellent). 

New England Marketing Research Association Fall Conference: Shared an original research findings on how to increase accuracy in online survey data. 

Special all-day marketing research training course at Marketing Research Association: Developed and delivered a workshop on behavioral economics for market researchers. Received the highest registration rate. (Eligible for Professional Researcher Certification).

Online course on behavioral economics for market researchers: Developed and delivered an online course on behavioral economics for market researchers. (Eligible for Professional Researcher Certification).

Selected Peer-Reviewed Academic Publications

“Life Expectancy as a Constructed Belief: Evidence of a Live-To or Die-By Framing Effect” Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2013 (with John Payne, Suzanne Shu, Kristin Appelt, Eric Johnson.)

“Protective Measures, Personal Experience, and the Affective Psychology of Time.” Risk Analysis, 2012. (with Ellen Peters, Howard H. Kunreuther, Paul Slovic, and Dan R. Schley.)

"Affective Motivations to Help Others: A Two-Stage Model of Donation Decisions.” Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 2010. (with Stephan Dickert, and Paul Slovic.)

“Distributions of Observed Death Tolls Govern Sensitivity to Human Fatalities.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 2009. (with Christopher Y. Olivola)


Book Contribution


"Affective Motivations to Help Others: A Two-Stage Model of Donation Decisions." The science of giving: Experimental approaches to the study of charity. Psychology Press, 2011. Oppenheimer, Daniel M., and Christopher Yves Olivola, eds.